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Last Updated: 2014, November 14


Dryer Sensor & Alarm Information
Exhaust Monitor and Alert Overview - Keeping Dryer Exhaust Systems Safe and Efficient
How LintAlert Works - Monitoring Exhaust System Back Pressure
Video: Introducing Dryer Monitoring with the LintAlert
Alarm Module Specifications
Highlight: Alarm Module Close Up
Highlight: Full Exhaust Monitoring System Close Up
Highlight: What Happens When the Alarm is Triggered
Monitoring Dryer Exhaust Frequently Asked Questions
Photo Gallery Overview Includes Alarm Module Closeups
Dryer Safety Alarm and Home Safety Introduction Postcard (PDF)
Educational Handout: Why You Need to Keep Your Dryer Exhaust Safe and Efficient (PDF)
Educational Flyer: Dryer Exhaust Problems - Energy Savings - Fire Safety (PDF)
Postcard: New Home Safety Device (PDF)
Advertisement: Protect Your Home and Family (PDF)

Home Safety Resources
Dryer Safety — What You Need to Know
Clogged Dryer Vent Syndrome
Dryer Safety Tips - Proper Dryer Maintenance Top Ten List
Getting Ducts and Dryers Professionally Cleaned
Dryer Fire Article Summaries - News Updated Daily
Example Safety Issue: Blocked Vent Hood
Example Safety Issue: Clogged Exhaust Hose
Example Safety Issue: Crushed Dryer Exhaust Hose
Example Safety Issue: Foil Flex Transition Hose is Restrictive and Promotes Lint Build Up
Safety Issue Testing: Foil Flex Airflow Restriction Evidence
Dryer Exhaust & Safety Frequently Asked Questions and Answers
External Dryer Safety Links and Articles
Full US Fire Administration Report on Dryer Fires (PDF)
Consumer Reports Study on Monitoring for Lint Buildup and Exhaust Restriction (PDF - Bottom Right of Page)
Stories from Installers and Homeowners About Monitoring for Lint and Exhaust Performance
Poster: Dryer Safety (PDF)

Dryer Exhaust Configuration
Find a Local LintAlert Dryer Exhaust Installer
Installing and Configuring the LintAlert Overview
Calibrating the Command Module for Each Unique Dryer Exhaust System
Quick Calibration Tips for Unusual Exhaust Systems (PDF)
Highlight: Calibrating the Alarm
Complete Instruction Manual — Connecting to the Dryer and Configuring the Alarm (PDF)
Alert Module Installation Frequently Asked Questions
Video: Testing Dryer Exhaust Systems — Knowing How Efficiently the Dryer Performs
Highlight: Testing Airflow Restriction Cause by Foil Flex Hose on a Dryer
Example of Dryer Connection: Installing the Tap Fitting into the Dryer's Exhaust Hose
Example of Dryer Connection: Installing the Tap Fitting into Old Style Foil Flex
Venting Guidelines: Frigidaire Dryer Exhaust Requirements (PDF)
Venting Guidelines: Samsung Dryer Exhaust Requirements (PDF)
Venting Guidelines: Whirlpool Dryer Exhaust Requirements (PDF)

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Electronic House Recognizes the LintAlert (Word Document)
Packaging Digest Highlights Lint Alert Design for Efficiency and Safety (PDF)
LintAlert Insider Blog
How to Become a LintAlert Certified Installer
How it Works Why You Need One Photo Gallery
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