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Quick Installation Guide

For proper installation, please do read the full instruction manual. This quick start guide is to provide a feel for what you should expect for installation or as a quick reference after you have reviewed the instructions.

Five Steps to Know How Efficiently Your Dryer is Exhausting

  1. Disconnect Dryer Exhast HoseStep One
    Confirm that the duct has been completely cleaned and in like-new condition.       TipTIP Link: Do I need to have my dryer professionally cleaned?

  2. Step Two
    Disconnect the new or existing exhaust hose from where it connects to the exhaust port on the back of the dryer. Favoring the middle to outside radius of the first bend, carefully poke a ¼" hole in the hose, a few inches away from where the exhaust port connects to the dryer.

  3. Step ThreeExhaust Hose Tap FittingExhaust Hose Tap Fitting Insert SmartTap fitting into the exhaust hose through the hole you just made. Place the felt washer over the fitting on the outside of the flex hose, followed by the curved washer. Finger tighten the nylon thumb-nut to ensure that no air can escape, then connect one end of the clear vinyl tubing to the tap fitting and reattach the exhaust hose to the dryer’s exhaust port.

  4. Step Four Move the dryer back into place and plug the alert module into the nearest power outlet. Important Note: Cut the length of the clear vinyl tubing to minimize any sag or droop in the tubing to prevent condensation buildup. Insert tubing over hose barb on LintAlert.

  5. Step Five [Calibration]
    Clean the dryer’s lint screen. Begin a drying cycle with NO clothes in the drum and at your usual temperature setting. While the dryer is running, press and hold the LintAlert button for about 6 seconds, until all five LEDs progressively light up and you hear a chime tone. After about 2 seconds, the first green LED is illuminated and the logo lens, “LintAlert,” is steady blue. This means the LintAlert is in a normal monitoring mode.

Indicator Quick Key

For a detailed schematic of all LED signal meanings, be sure to review the operational flowchart.

Light Meanings During Calibration

(Error Codes)

First Two Indicator Lights On means no pressure was observed, either due to dryer not ON, tubing not connected or LintAlert was plugged in with tubing connected and dryer running.

Last Two Indicator Lights On means too much pressure was present, likely the exhaust duct was never cleaned or there still exists blockage of some sort.

No Indicator Lights On means calibration was successful and after 2 seconds the first LED will illuminate.

Light Meanings While LintAlert is in Monitoring Mode

No Indicator Lights On Dryer is not ON, tubing is detached, or there was a recent calibration.

First Indicator Light On Normal exhaust pressure (system clean with a recent calibration).

Early Warning Alert First Two Indicator Lights On Exhaust system is approximately 20 percent blocked.

First Three Indicator Lights On Exhaust system is approximately 32 percent blocked.

First Four Indicator Lights On Exhaust system is approximately 45 percent blocked.

All Indicator Lights On Exhaust system is approximately 60 percent blocked. Maintenance is needed.
This critical state is accompanied by an audible alarm which can be muted.

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