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U.S. Fire Administration Study on Clothes Dryer Fires
This in-depth report, "Clothes Dryer Fires in Residential Buildings," highlights the prevalence of residential fires that are started in the Dryer. It exposes over 15,500 fires, during the study year, that were caused by dryers and highlights the fact that problems with lint buildup and exhaust restriction are leading causes.

Should You Have the Dryer System Professionally Cleaned?
A close look at the hidden dangers in the total dryer system and what should be addressed to be certain your home is safe from the risk of fire.  This is a good review of everything involved to help decide whether to seek outside help for the project.

ASHI Facts about Clothes Dryer Exhaust Systems
The American Society of Home Inspectors discusses how home inspectors regularly see dryer hidden dryer exhaust problems, offering tips for what to look for when they are reviewing a home. It includes a comprehensive look at the dryer exhaust system and some good tips for what homeowners can also do to improve home safety.

An Informative Video by Danny Lipford of Today's Homeowner
Danny explains how hidden lint build up restricts the exhaust system naturally over time, highlighting some common venting issues and some simple solutions for safe dryer venting.

A Consulting Engineer's Look at Dryer Fire Damage
Charles C. Roberts reviews the damage that can result from dryer fires and lint buildup that causes them. It is a short article that includes photos of restricted exhaust systems in places that go unseen unless you look inside the dryer, the walls and the vent termination.

CPSC: Five Key Safety Tips to Prevent Dryer Fires
The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission took a look at the fact that overheated dryers can cause fires and offered five important recommendations to help mitigate the risk. This includes cleaning the lint screen every time, cleaning the dryer and exhaust system periodically, cleaning behind the dryer, avoiding plastic or foil transition hose and being careful not to dryer clothes with volatile chemicals.

CBS News In-Depth Reporting on the Prevalence of Dryer Fires
CBS Early Show correspondents report pointing out that the dryer you use in your home every day can be more of a fire threat than you might think. This report looks at the stories of actual dryer fire victims, gives a perspective on just how often it happens, talks about some of the most common reasons a dryer sets ablaze and looks at some of the early warning signs of potential problems.

Consumer Reports Set the Record Straight about Dryer Fires
This pithy discussion takes a look at some of the myths (like fabric softener sheets being hazardous) and points out some important (even scary) truths about hidden dangers that can create very real fire hazards. It includes a video with tips on how to avoid a dryer fire at home.

Comprehensive Bullet Point Listing for General Venting Guidelines
A nice resource for general home safety issues to keep in mind when it comes to venting your clothes dryer.


Dryer Vent Cleaning Service:

Trained LintAlert Installers by State
Find a company in your city across the US and some of Canada who is well versed in clearing up any hidden dangers in your tumble dryer or dryer exhaust system who can also install a LintAlert so you'll always now your dryer is operating safely. This interactive locator is also useful.

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