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How Important is it to Have the Dryer System Professionally Cleaned?

For some do-it-yourself people, cleaning out the dryer vent is an annual project that can be a fun challenge. These savvy DIYers know to replace the transition duct, measure the airflow at the outside termination, ensure there is no external blockage, clean the inside components of the dryer (see photo above), and free the duct run from all the lint that naturally accumulates over time. For the majority, however, it's much easier and more convenient to have a licensed and certified professional clean the dryer and dryer exhaust system . . . and here's why.

Hidden Dangers

With every load of laundry, lint makes it past the lint filter and accumulates in the dryer's drum, along the inside of the aluminum duct inside the walls, and around the outside termination where the dryer exhausts. Cleaning the lint screen after each load is critical, but it is important to know you are only cleaning a fraction of the lint.

Dryer lint is so flammable that the Boy Scout Handbook suggests bringing some lint to help start fires while camping. All it takes is a spark to ignite a dryer fire—and this spark comes from inside your dryer when you least expect it. Your local certified dryer exhaust technician has the training and tools to uncover unusual problems and remove all lint that accumulates inside the dryer itself and throughout the dryer exhaust run.

A Messy Job

Depending on your geographical location, old dryer lint can take on many forms. Have you ever dealt with 20+ gallons of wet slimy dryer lint, or bricks of lint 4" thick? It's not a pretty job, and it requires a bit of clean-up if you're not accustomed to this type of home improvement project. Professional dryer vent cleaners come prepared and will leave your house cleaner than when they first arrived.

Tools and Experience

Tools for Cleaning Ducts

Every dryer vent is unique and there are endless scenarios to improve dryer venting efficiency. With the right brushes, compressors, vacuums and blowers, your local technician has the tools to get your dryer vent cleaned out promptly and properly. Certified technicians typically have inexpensive solutions on their truck to improve your venting efficiency or overcome unexpected problems with the system. Often times, replacing the transition duct or outside termination will have a tremendous impact on venting efficiency that can save you money on your gas and / or power bill.

Find a Professional Dryer Vent Cleaner

A very important note: If it's been a while since you've had the dryer duct professionally cleaned, please check the locator to find a licensed dryer vent cleaning company in your area. After the first cleaning, you'll cut your dryer cycle times, save energy, and decrease your risk from becoming a dryer fire statistic.

When you have a clean, like new exhaust system, this is the best time for accurate LintAlert calibration. Then your new safety alarm will alert you to any sudden changes, allow you to visually see the buildup as it normally accumulates and remind you about regular dryer maintenance and cleaning.

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