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Video—both informational as shown here and 60 second ad spots—help tell the full story in a compelling way. With due caution to avoid extreme scare tactics, each LintAlert® video presentation strives to show that proactively protecting one's home and family can help everyone rest easy knowing they're safety is well in hand.

An important part of LintAlert branding is the concept of empowering the consumer to be the hero in their household.

Video Excerpts

At this very moment, a hidden danger snakes through your walls. Every year across the US, this danger causes more than 15,000 fires in homes just like yours.

What is this hidden threat to the safety of your home? Surprisingly, it's the ordinary operation of your dryer's exhaust system. You see, the duct in your walls naturally accumulate lint at a rate that will eventually restrict airflow so much that your dryer can no longer vent properly.

Left unchecked, the possibility of lint blow back into the dryer's heating element could ignite a fire.

When it comes to the safety of your home and family, you already have enough to worry about. Today, with LintAlert, you can get an important new monitoring device that will alleviate the fear of dryer venting problems and the fires they cause.

As a homeowner, there are few things more comforting than the confidence of knowing you have every safety device available to protect your home and family. Until now, there was no way to monitor the dryer’s risk of lint build up and the related danger it carries with it. The LintAlert: the first back pressure sensing device for the dryer. Get your's today

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