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LintAlert Dryer Safety Alarm and New Home Safety Device

With this postcard, more time is taken to educate consumers on the hidden dangers inherent in venting the dryer.

This piece carries through with the family image and, of course, the overall brand personality with more benefits detail.

Protect Your Home and Family by Detecting Dryer Exhaust Dangers

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LintAlert Dryer Safety Alarm

New Home Protection Device

The LintAlert warns of dryer venting issues before they become a danger. Lint build-up and crushed pipes waste energy, increase your utility bills and create a very real fire hazard. With the LintAlert, you’ll save money and protect your home and family.

Common Causes of Dangerous Back Pressure:

  • Normal Lint Accumulation in the Dryer Duct
  • Kinked or Crushed Exhaust Hose
  • Termination Hood Blockage

LintAlert Solution:

  • Helps Save Energy
  • Helps Prevent Dryer Fires

According to the US Fire Administration, 15,500 dryers catch fire every year. With the LintAlert providing constant updates on your dryer’s health, you’ll help reduce those statistics and rest easy knowing your home is safer.

This new dryer safety alarm is an important addition to every household’s fire safety and prevention plan. Get yours today.

Postcard Rear Copy

Protect Your Home and Family

Detect Dryer Exhaust Issues Before They Become a Danger

Save Energy & Prevent Dryer Fires

Airflow Efficiency Indicator
As lint builds up over time and restricts airflow, the LED light bar blockage indicator progressively illuminates. Armed with this information, you’ll always know how safely and efficiently your dryer is exhausting.

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