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The LintAlert® warns of venting problems before they become a danger. By educating your customers about dryer fire risks, they will see this brand-new safety device as a "must have" to alert them when exhaust pressure exceeds safe levels. By installing the LintAlert®, you can help protect their home and family.

Perfect Timing
For optimal performance, the LintAlert® installation needs to be completed when the system is in like-new condition. What better time to install it than right after the duct was cleaned?

How it Works
An innovative digital pressure sensor and programmable integrated circuit determine when the dryer is on and what pressure levels exist in the exhaust. When the duct is about 60% blocked, the alarm state activates. Pressure levels are transmitted from the included tap fitting which is installed in the dryer's transition hose at or near the exhaust port. This SmartTap™ fitting is connected to the alarm module by a 1/8" tube.

Lint Buildup - Exhaust Blockage Indicator Service Countdown
The LintAlert® continually monitors dryer exhaust flow. As lint builds up over time and restricts airflow, the Blockage Indicator progressively illuminates. Armed with this information, your customers will know when to contact you for maintenance.

Supplement to Annual Service Contracts
The LintAlert® is not a replacement for annual dryer vent cleaning, but it does let the homeowner know if there are sudden changes or if efficiency can be improved with more frequent cleaning.

Proven Up-sell Opportunity
You've shown your customer the importance of safe dryer venting. And, you've provided an important service in helping improve home safety. Keep the LintAlert® on hand and in stock. Show it, and it will sell itself. The quick up-sell of a dryer safety alarm will boost revenues and generate repeat business while protecting your customers.

Features & Benefits:
  • Detects Dryer Exhaust Problems
  • V15 Amp Pass-through Plug
  • Helps Save Energy by Ensuring Proper Venting
  • Blue Illumination Night Light
  • Helps Prevent Dryer Fires
  • Made in the USA
Additional Sales Materials:

Distribution Centers: FL, TX, NV, KY, & MO

New Profit Center
On average, duct cleaning contractors working with the LintAlert® have documented 4.2 units sold per 6 demonstrations. With a 70% success rate, you create a new-found profit center while giving your customers a service countdown to solidify your repeat business.

Seal the Deal
  • Keep enough units in the truck to cover the day's scheduled stops.
  • Put the LintAlert® into the hand of your customers when going over the service agreement.
  • Include the LintAlert® in your standard educational fire prevention discussion.
Cliff Budnick
LintAlert® Product Manager

In-O-Vate Technologies, Inc.
810 Saturn Street Suite 20
Jupiter, FL 33477-4456
Phone: (561) 744-0473
Fax: (561) 745-9723

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