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8/25/14  ¦  NADCA's Fall Technical Conference is Almost Here


The National Air Duct Cleaner’s Association (NADCA) is hosting their Fall Technical Conference on September 19th-20th in Atlanta, GA.  We’re excited to formally introduce the new Dryer Exhaust Duct Performance Standard (DEDP).  With the DEDP in place, your company can actually quantify how efficient the dryer duct is venting and know when/where to offer improvements.  This Standard adds true value to each job while opening the door for your service company to offer improvements and make more money with most vent cleaning service calls.  Learn more about the Fall Tech Conference here and we look forward to seeing you in Atlanta!

7/24/14  ¦  Importance of Branding Your Fleet
Duct Dudes Van

Congrats to Tom Lachowictz and his team at Duct Dudes for being recognized in HVACR Business Magazine for having one of the most recognizable fleets in the industry! His trucks are always clean and deliver a clear/consistent message to his local market. Displaying your brand and contact information on the fleet is an outstanding proven way to generate business within a local market. Pointing customers to a well-designed website like www.ductdudes.com is always beneficial too. Keep it up Duct Dudes!

5/16/14  ¦  The LintAlert is Protecting Our Troops
US Navy

For years, the United States NAVY has used the LintAlert on their aircraft carriers to prevent dryer fires and ensure the battleships are venting as safely and efficiently as possible. We're proud that this product is manufactured in America Made in the USA and is widely available to protect our troops and citizens from
the real risks associated with dryer fires.

Contact us today to learn about how you can leverage the LintAlert safety device to boost sales and even protect your own house too.

12/27/13  ¦  NADCA Builds Awareness for Dryer Vent Cleaning
Dryer Vent Wizard

The National Air Duct Cleaning Association (NADCA) asked members of the In-O-Vate Dryer Products team to participate in field research to improve the cleanliness and performance of residential dryer vents. Collectively, we're developing a practice to test and validate the dryer vent duct has been cleaned and is venting as safe as possible.

Stay tuned with NADCA and In-O-Vate as progress is underway and much of this research will be unveiled at the 2014 NADCA Convention in San Antonio, TX...
We hope to see you there!

10/2/13  ¦  New venting products…E-catalog now available!

Over the last 4 years, hundreds of companies that sell, service, and install dryers have gravitated towards using many of our safe and efficient products that add value to every job. Please take a few minutes to browse our NEW e-catalog, and let me know if you have any questions regarding our products and support materials available.

As you'll see, our entire premium dryer venting line maximizes efficiency and helps prevent dryer fires. The best part…none of these products are available at local big box stores! Please feel free to contact us for pricing and availability in your local market. Thanks so much!

8/14/13  ¦  New Free Shipping Program

Thanks to your order size, frequency, and personal requests, In-O-Vate Technologies, Inc. has introduced a Full Freight Allowed (FFA) program to help strengthen your bottom line profits. For years, In-O-Vate has provided quality products for our team including the Dryerbox, DryerJack, Dryer Wall Vent, Dryer Clamps, close El-s, adjustable els, and the DryerFlex transition duct. With this free freight program, its recommended to bundle your orders to save around 5-10%!

This PDF covers all aspects of this FFA program and depending on your regional location, the order minimum slightly varies as well. Please contact us with any questions and take advantage of this opportunity to lock in better pricing and stronger margins today.

5/29/13  ¦  Join the Dryer Vent Experts Networking Group
Dryer Vent Experts

Dryer venting is something that numerous industries deal with on a daily basis, and Dryer Vent Experts will keep you in the loop. From new home construction to appliance service and vent cleaning, dryer vents continue to be a hot topic that generates discussions, best practices, and new products. Home builders, inspectors, vent cleaners, and appliance service companies participate in the Dryer Vent Experts Group to stay in touch with new products, improved methods, and to simply "talk shop" about dryer venting.  Join the LinkedIn Group today!

4/24/13  ¦  Working with the Press for Earned Media
Dryer Vent Wizard

Advertising expenses can add up quick, so the persistent dryer vent cleaning entrepreneur should always reach out to local media outlets for free marketing opportunities. The folks at Dryer Vent Wizard are constantly issuing press releases and contacting newspaper editors and TV stations to build their brand awareness by educating the masses. Check out this local broadcast from Glen Mayfield, a Dryer Vent Wizard franchisee, when he did a TV spot on Fox News in Fort Walton Beach, FL about preventing dryer fires.

4/19/13  ¦  Strengthening the COIT Partnership at the 2013 Convention
NCSG Booth

For over 2 years, In-O-Vate Technologies has partnered with COIT Cleaning by private labeling the LintAlert Dryer Safety Alarm. Since its debut, the LintAlert has been adopted by over 1/3 of COIT locations with many more on board now too! A BIG THANKS goes out to the Corporate Team for putting together such a positive annual convention along with outstanding franchise support. To learn more about COIT's 60+ years of exceptional service, check out www.coit.com.

4/9/13  ¦  New Products Unveiled — 2013 National Chimney Sweep Guild Show
NCSG Booth

Early April, In-O-Vate formally introduced its efficient line of dryer venting products at the 2013 National Chimney Sweep Guild Show in Branson, MO.  The Certified Dryer Exhaust Technicians (CDETs) had an opportunity to test out the LintAlert, DryerFlex, Dryer Wall Vents, and DryerJack series of roof terminations.  The CDET program helps gain credibility and expertise in this competitive market – learn more about the CDET certification today! 

2/20/13  ¦  Inside Edition and Dryer Vent Pro Raise Dryer Fire Awareness
Inside Edition Report

Inside Edition, a national program on CBS, recently broadcasted an investigative report on dryer fires in the US. One of our partner companies, Dryer Vent Pro, was the expert featured on this segment and helped show the real threats related to dryer fires and lint accumulation. Spread the word and share this video with your co-workers and customers to help raise awareness! Also, view the new website for Dryer Vent Pro as they have done an outstanding job representing In-O-Vate’s product line for the past few years.

1/30/13  ¦  Local Insurance Companies Advocate the LintAlert

Erie Insurance, a reputable insurance provider in the Northeast, just published an outstanding article on preventing dryer fires. In fact, Erie included the LintAlert as a way to be "extra careful" when trying to diagnose a problem in your dryer vent. This type of exposure is outstanding for the LintAlert so spread the word to your local insurance provider! Together, we can make safer homes – one dryer vent and LintAlert at a time.

9/18/12  ¦  Increasing Average Ticket Sales with Value-added Products

The hardest part of generating business for dryer vent cleaners is getting in the customers' door. Once you've proven your trade and built trust with the customer, it's recommended to offer value added-solutions that some simply call up-sell items.


Products like our exclusive DryerFlex transition duct, new clamps, or even a replacement side wall or roof termination are outstanding avenues to generate higher ticket sales. In fact, DryerFlex received outstanding reviews from a reputable home inspection company! It's time to maximize your revenue while ensuring your customers have the safest and most efficient dryer vent available.

Learn More About this Better Transition Hose

8/30/12  ¦  Taking Aim at "Bait-and-switch" Vent Cleaning Companies

Too often, local companies advertise air duct and dryer vent cleaning for a dirt cheap price and end up price gouging their customers once in the home. Our valued partners need to take a proactive approach and call out these companies that deflate the value of quality service work.


The folks at Air Doctor in California have dedicated part of their website's home page to identifying these types of companies. We recommend you consider a similar approach in an effort to keep fair prices for your services while educating consumers of the 'bait & switch' companies that are out there.

8/14/12  ¦  Clean Trucks Bring Big Buck$
SafeSmart Vent Cleaning

Well-placed truck decals and vehicle wraps can make a huge difference on your revenue.  More time on the road means more advertising for your local business.  By maintain a clean work truck along with some basic ads for your service(s), your company can increase new business and strengthen your brand.  Check out the custom decals from SafeSmart Dryer Vent Services in Clovis, CA.  Contact us today for your truck decals with every LintAlert order and learn more about SafeSmart at www.safesmartvent.com.

7/17/12  ¦  Corporate Training Creates Sales
DUCTZ Training Center

Ductz, a subsidiary of Belfor Franchise Group, recently hosted another training program for new franchisees at their headquarters in Ann Arbor, MI.  The LintAlert was represented there and everyone learned the importance of business networking, branding their company, and selling value-added products.  In summary, the emphasis was SELL, SELL, and SELL!  If you’re looking for additional training on the LintAlert, please contact us, and we’ll do our best to have your company achieve higher sales goals too.

7/9/12  ¦  Building Sales on your Building Project
Chas Roberts

More HVAC companies are now offering the LintAlert as a value-added product while in the customer’s home.  For almost 1-year, Chas Roberts Air Conditioning and Plumbing has seen an increase in add-on sales by selling the LintAlert dryer safety alarm.  If you own or manage an HVAC company that works with end users, contact us today to learn how we can support your growth and help ensure your customers are venting safely.  For more on Chas Roberts, visit them at http://www.chasroberts.com/ today.

6/20/12  ¦  LintAlert Recommends Professional Dryer Vent Cleaning

Many homeowners debate whether or not to clean the dryer vent individually or to hire a certified company to perform this important periodic service. To better show how much a professional can help, we've created some support material that explains the need to have a cleaning company come out to service each home. Be sure to show your customers this Dryer Maintenance page as an independent view on the subject.

5/15/12  ¦  Boost Sales with Training Webinars
Free Webinar

Have your techs trained by the manufacturer on how to make the most impact on sales with the LintAlert through training webinars. If you can invest 30 minutes (including Q&A), our seasoned team will walk you through technical tricks, selling strategies, and supporting info to ensure you maximize every selling opportunity. Please contact cliff@lintalert.com to schedule your free training webinar today!

4/24/12  ¦ Building Your Brand with Press Releases


A well written press release is a must-have for your company, especially when introducing your services and/or adding new product offerings. COIT recently issued a press release on the LintAlert which focused on the importance to help prevent dryer fires. Check out the latest press release that is feature on Yahoo! News here: COIT and LintAlert on Yahoo! News.

4/11/12  ¦ DUCTZ has Partnered with the LintAlert

Ductz Custom Product
Private Label Example

DUCTZ will unveil their latest branded product to all franchisees during the 2012 Annual Convention in April. The private labeled LintAlert is sure to help drive sales while establishing brand recognition for DUCTZ every time their customers are in the laundry room. For more information on branding your company with our award-winning product, e-mail us at sales@lintalert.com today!

2/3/12  ¦  LintAlert is proud to partner with COIT

Coit Experienced Cleaner COIT Duct Cleaning New Installer Alert For over 60 years, COIT has provided value added home services including air duct, carpet, and tile cleaning.

Thanks to the proactive folks at COIT Corporate, the LintAlert is now part of COIT's offerings in a variety of locations across the US.

Learn more about COIT's stellar services at www.coit.com today.
1/13/12  ¦  Duct Dudes is Ready for a Strong 2012
Duct Dudes Logo

Duct Dudes, along with several other vent cleaning companies, have made the New Year decision to make the LintAlert and DryerFlex part of their offering for 2012. Duct Dudes continues to stay on top of the social media buzz by promoting their services through Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail campaigns. Check out Duct Dude's Facebook page here to see how you can boost your business too.

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