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Keeping all stakeholders up to date on the latest news and work the LintAlert® team is doing on your behalf.

12/20/11  ¦  HVAC Companies Find Value in the LintAlert

More and more HVAC companies are turning to the LintAlert as a new profit center for their business.  The LintAlert’s popularity is growing amongst HVAC companies, partly due to the products’ minimal installation requirements and clear value for the customer.  In fact, The NEWS, a well-known Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration publication, just published an excellent story on the LintAlert which can be found here.

11/10/11  ¦  Finding a Trusted Partner for Chimney Sweeps
Lindemann Chimney Supply

Many dryer vent cleaners often serve as chimney sweeps as part of their scope of business. We're proud to partner Lindemann's Chimney Co. as they continue to do a great job educating consumers nationwide on the real threats caused by dryer venting. If you also clean chimney sweeps, please consider Lindemann's Chimney Co. as a trusted source for quality products and outstanding customer service. Check them out at www.lindemannchimneysupply.com today.

10/26/11  ¦  Benefit from Using a Magnehelic Gauge
Magnehelic Gauge

A Magnehelic Gauge is a user-friendly tool that actually quantifies how blocked / dirty a vent is prior to cleaning. More importantly, it shows your dryer vent cleaning service made a noticeable impact on the customer's venting efficiency. By using the LintAlert's tap fitting and hose, you can leverage the Magnehelic Gauge's information to add value to the service while helping sell each LintAlert. Click here to learn how this device helps your bottom line.

10/6/11  ¦  October is Fire Prevention Month

Fire Awareness Alert

Every year, companies like ours need to promote Fire Prevention Month by educating the public about simple ways to stay out of harm's way. Of course, dryer venting safety and efficiency should be a key part of this educational push. With proper education, you'll set sales on FIRE this October during Fire Prevention Month. Feel free to contact us for free marketing material that will help spread the word on safe dryer venting.

9/15/11  ¦  In-O-vate & LintAlert featured in NADCA’s DucTales


DucTales, NADCA's bi-monthly trade publication, featured In-O-Vate Technologies in their Associate Member Spotlight for the July/August issue. The interview with Cliff Budnick covers a variety of topics including the LintAlert's debut at NADCA's annual show as well as other products we manufacture that are a perfect fit for vent cleaners to offer their customers. Check out this outstanding press piece here.

9/8/11  ¦  Education Drives Sales

Dryer Safety Decal

The leading cause of dryer fires is a lack of maintenance. Consumers, however, seem to lack the basic education on dryer venting safety. With proper education, your prospect customers quickly become repeat clients.

October is Fire Prevention Month, and we're kicking off a new campaign to educate the masses in an effort to decrease dryer fires. Will all new orders, we'll include a LintAlert vinyl decal for your trucks that will build awareness to the LintAlert and its role in preventing dryer fires. Get yours today!

8/16/11  ¦  Stanley Steemer Partners with LintAlert®

Dryer Transition Hose

Stanley Steemer proudly debuted the LintAlert at the 2011 Annual Convention in Columbus, OH earlier this month. Through private labeling and branded support material, the folks at Steemer have positioned the LintAlert as an inexpensive value-added product that boosts profits.

If you have an annual convention approaching or
are interested in private labeling the LintAlert,
please contact us today. We'll do our best to
support your sales force with a reliable product that's backed with personal training and promotional materials.

8/4/11  ¦  LintAlert listed as Professional Builder's Best New Products!

Best New Product

The LintAlert is among the breakthrough residential building products named 101 Best New Products for 2011 by the editors of Professional Builder and Professional Remodeler. Each year, the editors explore the building products market in search of the most innovative new materials, finishes, and systems geared toward the residential construction market. See more on the article HERE ».

7/29/11  ¦  Introducing DryerFlex™

Dryer Transition Hose

DryerFlex is the latest and greatest dryer transition hose on the market.  It combines the ease of use and flexibility of wire bound foil flex hose with the fire resistance and airflow efficiency of semi-rigid aluminum duct.  DryerFlex is the highest UL rated flexible duct work on the market.  Still not convinced this will change the way you purchase/use dryer transition duct?  Just check out our DryerFlex demonstration video here » http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Nof7KRoxDk.
Call for pricing and availability..

7/22/11  ¦  We've Got What You Need to be Successful

Did you know that In-O-Vate Tecnhologies, the manufacturer of the LintAlert®, carries a variety of the most efficient dryer venting accessories on the market?  Please consider us for all your dryer vent cleaning goods ranging from transition hoses, clamps, elbows, cleaning equipment, booster fans, and much more.  Browse our shopping cart to see our products that can support your company’s growth today.  Bulk discounts may be available as well.

6/20/11  ¦  LintAlert TubeTags Now Available

LintAlert Consumer Value

In a continuous effort to support your success, all LintAlert orders now come with TubeTags. Apply these tags to each installed unit to ensure your customers understand the value of the LintAlert and the importance of periodic vent cleaning. Be sure to write your contact number and the date your clients should have their vent cleaned out each year.

6/9/11  ¦  LintAlert Testing on Booster Fans

As part of LintAlert's continual lab tests, we've analyzed booster fan performance and its impact on airflow. We discovered that different booster fans "kick in" at various times once the dryer has been turned on. Because of this unreliable variable, calibrating the LintAlert may occur before or after the booster fan is working. In either case, the booster fan's inconsistency creates vulnerability for the LintAlert's back pressure readings. Therefore, we do not recommend you install a LintAlert in homes with a booster fan. Click here for a detailed explanation.

5/25/11  ¦  Earn More Money through Dryer Vent Re-routes
LintAlert Consumer Value LintAlert Consumer Value

Many dryer vent runs are too long and have multiple elbows that hurt the efficiency of the entire system.  Most homes can increase their venting efficiency by re-routing the dryer vent and installing long tern elbows like the Dryer-Ell.  If your company is already re-routing vents or interested in earning more from each visit, consider stocking the easy-to-install Dryer-Ells today.  For more information, please visit www.dryer-ell.com.

5/18/11  ¦  New MAP Price
LintAlert Consumer Value

This month, we’ve increased the Minimum Advertised Price (MAP) for the LintAlert to $59.95.  This is a $20 increase from before, making for better margins for our online partners while practically eliminating price resistance on “installed” units provided by duct cleaners.  For a detailed look at our MAP policy, click here.

5/9/11  ¦  LintAlert in the News
NBC News Channel 3 Recommends the LintAlert

Some newer dryer models claim to indicate when blockage exists or when service is needed.  But can we depend on these indicators… NO!  According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the functionality in these new dryers cannot be relied on for detecting lint blockage or changes in back pressure.  However, the study shows the LintAlert works with nearly all dryer models and is reliable when detecting lint accumulation and sudden efficiency changes.  Consider showing this video clip on your website to help educate consumers and help sell the LintAlert today!      WKYC Story

4/29/11  ¦  LintAlert at Ductz 2011 Convention in South Florida

Sears Home Services

The LintAlert will be proudly debuted at the 2011 DUCTZ Convention in sunny South Florida from May 4-6th. Come see why Tim Mozley from Greater Columbia, SC feels "…[the] LintAlert really works for us!" All Ductz franchise owners are encouraged to come by Booth #13 to test out the LintAlert firsthand and order units at our Show Special prices. We look forward to seeing you there!

4/28/11  ¦  Understanding Error Codes

By understanding the LintAlert's error codes, you can better evaluate the flow and efficiency of each dryer vent. There are several factors that contribute to having too much pressure or too little pressure for each dryer based on industry standards. We've created a simple tool to help diagnose the root of each calibration error. Click here to download and print our Calibration Tips sheet and be sure to keep this document on every truck to educate the techs and maximize sales.

4/11/11  ¦  Tech Training Courses Now Available

New Installer AlertFor all new and existing customers, we’re now offering training classes to educate and motivate your field techs on the LintAlert.  This 20-30 minute interactive webinar is sure to boost sales by covering basic product knowledge, proven up-sell techniques, Q&A, and much more.  Start earning more money per appointment and schedule your webinar training course today by contacting Cliff Budnick at cliff@lintalert.com.

4/7/11  ¦ Attention Installers: We've Updated the LintAlert

All units ordered after 4/5/11 will include an upgraded version of the LintAlert that features Quick Response Technology. This functionality helps your business since the LED intervals are a bit shorter; now your repeat business will occur even sooner. Customers win also since they will be able to monitor their dryer's efficiency with a greater sense of accuracy than before. Click here to read more about Quick Response Technology and how it benefits your company.

4/4/11  ¦ Increase Dryer Fire Awareness
Dryer Fire Articles

Do all of your customers know that there are 15,000 dryer fires in the US every year?  Help increase dryer fire awareness by linking your website to our Dryer Fire News page that’s updated daily.  To take advantage of this useful resource, feature this link (http://31.lintalert.com/dryer_fire_news.htm) on your website today. 

4/1/11  ¦ Learn from Top Sellers — by Cliff Budnick

Green Home Dryer Vent Cleaning

Greg Clark from Green Home Dryer Vent Cleaning is a top LintAlert installer in the field.  With his one man / one truck operation, Greg has successfully sold well over 100 units in a matter of months.  Check out this video testimonial (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXm_wSzI1gw&feature=mfu_in_order&list=UL) to see how Greg has done so well with this easy-to-install product.  For more on Greg’s business, go to www.greenhomedryerventcleaning.com.

3/18/11  ¦ Build Your Brand with Private Labeling

Mite-E-Ducts Custom Product
Private Label Example

Did you know we can Private Label your LintAlerts?! Every time customers are in the laundry room, they'll see your logo & contact information in full color. What better way to strengthen your brand while ensuring repeat business for all service jobs around the home? Contact LintAlert for details on private labeling, just like Mite-E-Ducts (www.airduct.info) has done in the example seen here.

3/14/11  ¦ LintAlert will be at NADCA Show in Vegas


Come by Booth #24 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas to see the LintAlert first hand.  See why so many NADCA member companies have rapidly adopted the LintAlert as an easy up-sell product that adds value to the service.  Be sure to ask about any $how $pecials to order (or reorder) your LintAlerts while at the show.

3/3/11  ¦  Ductz Preferred Vendor Announcement — by Cliff Budnick

Sears Home Services

Attention all Ductz Franchise Owners: The LintAlert is now part of your Preferred Vendor program!  Some franchises are already boosting profits with the LintAlert … are you?!  If not, please call us for more information and to get a carton on each of your trucks today.

2/22/11  ¦  LintAlert in Mexico with Sears — by Cliff Budnick

Sears Home Services

It's official!  Sears Air Duct is being formally introduced to the LintAlert at Sears' 2011 Annual Convention in Riviera Maya, Mexico!  All Sears Air Duct franchisees will soon boost profits with the LintAlert, as seen in the LintAlert's successful Beta test with key franchises around the country. Thanks for the opportunity, Sears … and VIVA LintAlert!

Does your company have a conference, home show, or trade show coming up and want to promote the LintAlert? If so, e-mail Cliff (cliff@lintalert.com) to discuss how the LintAlert can increase revenues while adding value to your service.

2/16/11  ¦  LintAlert Gets Top Honors

National Chimney Sweep Guild

Once again, the LintAlert won the votes of an esteemed group of judges at the 2011 National Chimney Sweep Guild Show in Hartford, CT.  John Bently Accepting Award A variety of products were submitted for the 1st annual Pete Luter Innovation Award and the LintAlert won First Place!

A special thanks goes out to John Bently with Duct Cleaners’ Supply (www.ductcleanerssupply.com) for representing the product at the show and accepting the award on our behalf. 

1/26/11  ¦  News From Canada — by Cliff Budnick

Ideal Security

Ideal Security recently partnered with the LintAlert to manage our Canadian distribution.  Thanks to the fine folks at Ideal, the LintAlert can now be found in select Home Hardware, RONA, and BMR locations across Canada.  For more information on our unique French packaging, Canadian distribution, and Ideal’s outstanding product line, please visit www.idealinc.com

1/18/11  ¦  Do You Have Annual Vent Cleaning Contracts? — by Cliff Budnick

Warns of Exhaust Changes If so, that’s great!  Please know the LintAlert DOES NOT replace the need for annual dryer vent cleaning.  The LintAlert will let homeowners know if there are any sudden changes or if efficiency can be improved with more frequent cleaning.  Always remember to emphasize the importance of the LintAlert for all customers … service contract or not.
1/17/11  ¦  New Images from the Field — by Cliff Budnick

Clogged Dryer Duct Hose

Greg Clark from Green Home Dryer Vent Cleaning just worked on a home with a 28’ run that was completely blocked.  Check out this 8’ section of flexible duct that’s stuffed to the max!  As with most his jobs, Greg pitched the LintAlert to this customer and she was thrilled to have it protect her home!  For more on Greg’s work, you can visit his website at www.greenhomedryerventcleaning.com

Do you have shocking dryer vent cleaning images or a great story to tell?  Send it to cliff@lintalert.com today!

1/14/11  ¦  Testimonial Tips from the Field

New Installer Alert "We started selling the Lint Alert a few months ago and have sold 78 so far. When selling to the customer you have some bullet points that you can use. Using this product will …
  1. help prevent costly repairs on your dryer
  2. help prevent dryer vent fires
  3. help keep your energy consumption down, and
  4. help keep your clothes drying in a efficient time.
These are just some of the bullet points your techs can use to sell the product. All in all I would say it is a good product to sell and would suggest putting it on your trucks. Every little bit helps and I know we are all looking for products to help take us to the next level in 2011."
—Travis Trentham
Sears Air Duct Franchise Owner

1/6/11  ¦  Electronic House Product of the Year Award — by Cliff Budnick

CES Product of the Year It's Official—LintAlert won Product of the Year!

The LintAlert won Electronic House’s Product of the Year award
at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas! When it comes to security and fire safety, the LintAlert was the clear choice amongst the esteemed judges, and we’re proud to take home another outstanding award for useful innovation.

1/4/11  ¦  New Sales Resource Available — by Cliff Budnick

Consumer Tri-fold Flyer
After some outstanding feedback from those in the field, we’ve created a tri-fold brochure that speaks to the consumer from the duct cleaner’s perspective. You can check out the tri-fold HERE. Call us today for a sample brochure or to request a couple dozen to put on your trucks ASAP.

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