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12/21/10  ¦  New FAQ Added — by Cliff Budnick

New Installer Alert As you may know, some new dryer models have a feature that claim to let homeonwers know if their dryer exhaust is blocked, often called FlowSense or VentCheck. So the question is simple: Should you continue the upsell approach on these customers that own a gadget-filled dryer? The answer: ABSOLUTELY! In fact, Consumer Reports concluded that the dryers attempting to detect blocakge "cannot be relied on"... making the LintAlert the right product for all your customers.

For a detailed answer and to watch the Consumer Reports video, go to 31.lintalert.com/install_faqs.htm and scroll to the bottom of the page.

12/13/10  ¦  Installer Tip: Introducing the LintAlert

Introductory Video
Once shown in-home, we're hearing that 70% of customers buy a LintAlert from their vent cleaning provider.  It truly is a great way to get more from each visit and help customers.

Tim Reiher, President of Clean & Green in Redford, MI had this to say of the interaction: "I have had such a great response from my customers when they see the LintAlert.  The way I sell them is to simply ask if they would like me to install one.  I explain how it's going to help keep their dryer safe and efficient.  To them, it's as important as having a smoke detector.  But, you won't sell them unless you show them."

12/8/10  ¦  Installation Tips: The Power of a Factory Reset — by Cliff Budnick

The variations in exhaust systems are innumerable and can truly put the LintAlert through it's paces. If you ever run into a system that makes calibrating the LintAlert difficult, you may want to try doing a factory reset by following these simple steps.
  1. UNPLUG the unit from the 110 outlet;
  2. HOLD IN button while plugging the unit back in the wall with dryer off;
  3. LET GO of button after you hear a chime sound;
  4. VERIFY factory reset by watching the LintAlert logo flash back and forth with Blockage Indicator lights; and
  5. CALIBRATE as instructed by holding the button for 6 seconds.
And that's it!

12/1/10  ¦  Introductory Video Helping to Educate Customers — by Cliff Budnick

Introductory VideoVideo
The good folks at Carolina Quality Air are taking advantage of our Introductory Video by featuring it on their website at www.carolinaqualityair.com. Be sure your customers can see the feature and benefits on your website as well to help boost ad-on sales.  Check out the video here.

11/23/10  ¦  New Interactive Locator is Online

New LintAlert Resource Alert We're proud to announce the expansion, once again, of partner resources.  A new locator is up and running.  It makes finding re-sellers easier so homeowners can have a safer, more efficient dryer—faster.

Give it a test drive: Click Here.

11/11/10  ¦  Vent Cleaning Company Tips — by Cliff Budnick

New Installer Alert The most successful vent cleaning companies offering the LintAlert as an upsell item have many different approaches, but seem to have one part of their pitch in common. Their customers are introduced to the LintAlert in the product’s packaging rather than merely discussing the product and its benefits. To help boost revenues, remember this proven upsell commonality: In House + In Hands = Income!

11/9/10  ¦  COIT 60th Anniversary & New Opportunities

Coit Experienced Cleaner COIT Duct Cleaning New Installer Alert A select group of COIT franchisees have started stocking LintAlerts on their trucks.  COIT is celebrating their 60th anniversary and it’s safe to say their success is due to their ability to adapt to new environments and capitalize on great opportunities.  The COIT owners working with LintAlert helps prove that they’re making great decisions to increase sales with our product.

For more, go to www.coit.com.

11/8/10  ¦  New Installer Alert — by Cliff Budnick

New Installer Alert Dick’s Appliance Service in Encino, CA has increased their scope of service to include dryer vent cleaning which allows them to easily sell the LintAlert.  Does your appliance repair company service dryer vents and carry the LintAlert as well?  Check out Dick’s Appliance Service’s family owned business and operated business at www.dicksapplianceservice.com.

11/5/10  ¦  Sears Installation Services Update — by Cliff Budnick

Sears Home Services New Installer Alert For years, Sears Home Services has been a trusted name across the nation and
has consistently offered five star service
to millions of customers.  Numerous Sears franchises are now providing
Loads of Safety to their customers
by installing the LintAlert.

As with other vent cleaning companies, Sears has leveraged the LintAlert’s promotional materials and customized DVDs to help increase their sales.  We’re fortunate to provide Sears with an outstanding product that only adds to their stellar service and equitable name brand.

To see all of the home services that Sears has to offer, go to www.searsclean.com.

11/5/10  ¦  New Installer Alert — by Cliff Budnick

New Installer Alert After seeing our Installer Locator, Wagner Mechanical realized they would be the first company to stock the LintAlert in New Mexico.  Now the LintAlert can be purchased in 34 US states and coast-to-coast in Canada!  Keep checking our Locator page to discover new profit opportunities in your region with the LintAlert.

For more information on Wagner Mechanical, go to www.wagnermechanical.com.

11/3/10  ¦  New Installer Alert — by Cliff Budnick

New Installer Alert Even though Stanley Steemer is known to be the Carpet Cleaner, they also focus on air duct and dryer vent cleaning.  Recently, Stanley Steemer of Atlanta, GA made a savvy business decision and started stocking the LintAlert on each truck.  Now all dryer vent cleaning jobs have a great chance at bigger ticket jobs with the LintAlert.

To learn more about the various services they have, go to www.stanleysteemer.com.

11/2/10  ¦  ACE Hardware Fall Market Update

Ace Fall Show at Islands of Adventure

The ACE Hardware Fall Market is now over and the LintAlert had an outstanding debut in the New Vendor Market.   Be sure to place your initial order with us by November 24th to take advantage of our Show Special pricing.

Ace Hardware Stocks LintAlert A big “THANKS!” goes out to ACE Hardware’s event planning department for providing a memorable evening at Islands of Adventure!   We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with the entire ACE family.

11/1/10  ¦  New Installer Alert — by Cliff Budnick

New Installer Alert Nicor Inc. recently expanded its Residential business to include the LintAlert®!  Nicor’s largest subsidiary, Nicor Gas, now serves over 2 million customers in over 600 communities.  With that reach, imagine the potential for success with the LintAlert as an ad-on sale to ensure their customers are protected and have the peace of mind they deserve.

To learn more about Nicor’s various services, go to www.nicor.com.

10/27/10  ¦  Ace Hardware Joins LintAlert® Family

Ace Hardware Stocks LintAlertAttention ACE Hardware owners and mangers – The LintAlert is now available in your distribution centers under Item #5495072. We will debut our product at this weekend’s Fall Market at booth #4247-19 in the New Products section.  We look forward to
seeing you at the show over the next few days!

10/26/10  ¦  New Installer Alert — by Cliff Budnick

New Installer Alert We're proud to announce that Doodlebuggers Service Network—specializing in air vent, dryer duct and chimney cleaning—has joined the LintAlert family.  Effective immediately, they will be installing LintAlerts all around the Pensicola, FL area to make homes safer and more efficient. For more information, go to www.hugyourhome.com.

10/26/10  ¦  Lint and Dryer Fire Awareness Article Alert

Thanks to Rita Smith, a Fire Safety Education Specialist, more people are now aware of the hidden dangers that can cause a dryer fire.  Her recent article, found here (http://romenews-tribune.com/), highlights 13 points that homeowners with a tumble dryer need to be aware of.

With the leading cause of dryer fires being a failure to clean, it’s amazing more people aren’t advocating and installing the LintAlert!

10/25/10  ¦  Interesting Installation Photo — by Cliff Budnick

Connecting to the Dryer's PeriscopeCheck out this unique install on a non-rounded (periscopic) dryer vent from Dave at Alpine Air Duct Cleaning (www.alpineairduct.com).

This just shows how versatile the LintAlert's SmartTap fitting can be. Great install, Dave!

10/22/10  ¦  POP Signage at Reliable Parts

LintAlert Featured Item at Reliable PartsYou can now see the LintAlert displayed prominently at 12 Reliable Parts locations on the west coast.  As you walk in, our new storefront signage captures the attention of all customers and is sure to boost their in-store sales.

Not to worry, if you can’t make it to their store, you can still browse nearly 1 million products on their website at www.reliableparts.com.

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